A "halbank"

Claire wanted a chest/bench in the hall of our home to store her shoes... So I went to work

My New Aquarium Stand

I have been working on a stand for my soon-to-be-made aquarium (~120x50x50). Since the prices of ready-made stands and lighting units are insane, I decided I would build my own. The unit is finished by now, including sided and a bottom plate. The structural part of the stand, the wooden frame and triplex plates, is separated from the exterior. The exterior will be made after the aquarium arrives.

Construction of Piano Stand

Claire needed a adjustable piano stand for her Roland FP-4. A H-shaped plateau is clamped (by a thread and wing nuts) on vertical risers yielding the desired flexibility. In the pictures below you can see a couple of close-ups of the work in progress. At this stage nothing is glued yet and the whole strength is from construction only. The clamps were not really necessary, were it not for the fact that the piano costs ~1000 euro.

More pictures will follow of the completed project.