Reading spe files from Princeton Instruments / Acton CCD Spectrograph

The python code that was written to read these files can be found here: Additions, such as reading images are very welcome!.

Modeling optical response of solids -- Python

Several models have been written to model the optical response of solid. So far the following models have been implemented:

Furthermore, the response of some common materials such as Silicon have been included. The code can be found here: opticalModel/. If you have any feedback, such as bug or additions, just let me know!

Python Interface for Bitwizard Boards on Raspberry PI

For my aquarium project I wanted to integrate several of the Bitwizard boards into the setup. To communicate with these boards either I2C or SPI can be used, where Bitwizard supplies a tool to handle the low level stuff. In this Python project I have encapsulated the command line tool to have a more abstract (Python) interface. Be sure to use locking to avoid concurrency issued when multi threading! The relevant file can be found here [] , but feel free to check out the rest! Feedback and/or improvements are of course welcome!