Stuff used

Hardware from Futurlec:


The first steps -- The Programmer

Pinout & the Programmer

After selecting the parallel port in the programmer section the program is able to rudimentary communicate with the device it seems. But the correct settings for the interface needs to be set (what pin sends which data). I found that the ET-CAB10PIN board uses the ETT Low Vpp (see below).

Line Pin
Vpp D1/3
Vdd D3/5
Clock D0/2
Data out DS/1 INVERTED
Data in ACK/10

Data corruption problem

The "Device memory does not match hex file (in Code memory at address 0x000000 reading 0xffff and expecting 0x6A92)"

After tackling this the real work can begin. Let's try a sample HEX file from the manufacturer. At the moment there seems to be something wrong with the PIC, the data is corrupted when read back from the PIC after "burning" it.

After a lot of searching the parport voltage was to low to program the device correctly, so I moved to an other machine.

Setting the fuses in asm with gpasm

After some guess work I tried __CONFIG _CONFIG1H, _HS_OSC_1H&_OSCS_OFF_1H, which worked. This it documented NOWHERE! The error that hinted at a problem was this one Warning [212] 18cxxx devices should specify __CONFIG address. They should really document this....

It looks like everything works...

So maybe we can get down to accually programming the thing!