Bronco's VS Kansas City - Jan 3d

Finally I got the chance to visit a bronco's game. Unfortuantely from a competition standpoint the game is pritty much a moot point however it will be fun to watch.

Ski-ing & Celestial Seasonings

Copper mountain [] and Winterpark(in Rocky mountain national park!)[]

Golden Gate Canyon Park

Pics soon []

Roxborough Park

Pics soon []

Trip 2/2 - NYC

As for NYC, had a great time. The thing that I probably will remember most is the athmosphere in the parks and the bustling city life. It was cool to see all the famous sights though.

Trip 1/2 - Canyonlands NP

This Friday I will be going on a hiking trip to the Canyonlands and Moab. It will be a 4(3+1) hike carrying our equipment. As my camera is a bit to heavy to lug around I hope I can borrow somebody else's pictures.

I could...

Colorado Springs - Sep 26-27, 2009

This weekend I was able to visit the Gardens of the Gods. It is a rock formation near Colorado Springs, just in front of the rocky mountain. This place has vertical rock formations and is an excellent place for rock climbing.

The next day I went to Mt. Pikes peak. It is one of the 14.000 feet high mountaings. There is a cog train going up the mountain, it takes about 1h30 minutes to take you from 8000ft to the summit. As there was some snowfall a couple days before the peak was actually sort of white.

On the way down I took a couple more photos. I would have loved to hike up this mountain (there is a trail) however I am not yet adjusted to the height, so the heavy hike was probably not wise yet. Maybe in a couple of weeks I am fit enought to that kind of stuff.

The people living in Colorado are very lucky to have this kind of magnificent nature so close. There are excellent hiking trails everywhere, and even bike paths. How can you stay indoors with this kind of nature around!

Saturday September 19

I started the day looking for a prepaid phone deal but on the way downtown I drove past the football stadium. The "CSM Ore Diggers" game that I thought was planned for next weekend was already in its second quarter. So I ended up spending a part of my afternoon watching the game (CSM killed the other team 51 - 10).

In the evening the light was perfect to take some pictures of the surroundings. Hopefully I will get a couple of pictures of downtown Golden and of the main building on campus (very beautiful building). It will be fun to see the landscape change over the next months as winter sets in. Tomorrow will go to Denver to do some sight seeing and shopping. Time to visit a real city.

A view just in front of my condo, seen from the rec. center looking towards table mountain. In the front a part of the campus, mechanical engineering on the right and administrative office on the left.

The state/school symbol is these two donkeys. At the game whenever CSM scored they brought out two donkeys (these animals had a busy day..).

The Americans do know how to create a beautiful campus, don't they

And an other view from campus looking out on north(?)-table mountain

Some images -- too little time

Hopefully I have some time this weekend to take a couple of decent images of Golden. These images do not do justice to it. By the way, I have declared this my favorite mountain so far...

September 9th 2009

Yesterday I arrived at CSM after a somewhat comfortable flight. On the tip to CSM I was able to catch some glimpses of downtown Denver. I am definitely to check that out over the weekend.

Today I spent the major part of the day in the lab and checking out the campus. Hopefully I have some time to take some pictures of the surroundings as they are astonishingly beautiful.

August 28th 2009

I will be going to Denver, Colorado soon for my traineeship at CSM[]. If I have sufficient time I will post some pictures and info on this page...

The traineeship will be at the Chemistry dep. under the supervision of Prof. Agarwal. I will reside at 1219 17th Street in Golden, CO. This is directly adjacent to the campus and I will be able to walk to the faculty, very cool.